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22 Mar Clear the day album release

22 Apr In your mind album realease

22 May Flight of mind album release

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We create and publish music so that when your ears listen, your heart sings!



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2022 release dates

We aim to release new music on a regular monthly basis

Here are the upcoming dates to look forward to…

Mar 22

Clear The Day

Apr 22

In Your Mind

May 22

Flight of Mind

About us

Here at Sweet Potato Publishing we invite you to lend us your ears. So we can bring something into your life to enrich it and help you blossom as a human being.

We care about your state of mind.

What you listen to affects how you feel.

We want you to feel calmer, brighter and happier when you listen to our music.

We hope to inspire you through sound.

We hope to give you the clarity in your head and the strength in your soul to go out there and enjoy your life.

Through music, we can create a sanctuary in our minds.

We can connect to a different world of which elements we can choose to bring into our own life.

We can create peace in our hearts and happiness in our soul!

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